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Welcome to the start of your Earth Diet experience!  These 10 steps are recommended to launch you into your healthiest life:

1. The very first step is to make a total shift happen right now.

You cause it by acknowledging with your body, mind and sprit that you will focus on eating the healthiest food and drink that earth provides us with naturally! From now on you are conscious that everything you put into and on your body is to nourish you body. Once you make the shift you are on your way! You start to think “How much nutrition am I getting from this?” at each meal. You do not poison your body with processed foods that contain harsh chemicals. Now you are in a process of transformation. You carry this new healthy awareness with you wherever you go. If you go off track and eat some junk food, don’t beat yourself up about it, that will only make it worse, just remind yourself of this healthy shift, and make your next meal a lemon water to aid with digestion. Remember your new intention is to always focus on what earth provides us with naturally. And if you do really want to have junk food and choose not to resist it, affirm beforehand that you are only eating this food because you thoroughly enjoy it and want to nourish your body. This will help with digestion of any junk foods. Remember it is a process and everyday you will treat yourself to proper nourishment through nutrition.

2.Get the new Earth Diet book!

Liana included all the favorite recipes and most commonly asked Q&A in the book. It is your complete guide to living – using earth’s natural ingredients.

3. Define your top 3 health goals for the next 12 months

Become an Earth Diet Member where you are encouraged to let us know your top 3 health goals for the next 12 months. You join a private facebook group where the Health Mentors hangout and are ready to answer your health questions 24/7. You also get access to download ALL of the earth Diet downloadable products. Being a member has you achieve the health goals you want.

4. Do a 7-day cleanse from the new Earth Diet Book

This includes a Juice Cleanse, Weight Loss Guide, Boosting Immunity Guide, Eating Desserts Daily Guide and High Protein Guide for both the meat eater and the vegan.

5. Hire your own personal Health Coach and get one-on-one coaching

6. If you want to lose excess weight, accelerate results by doing the 7-Day Weight Loss Guide from the new Earth Diet book

7. Maybe you would like to browse from the hundreds of recipes download them and print them!

8. Perhaps you would like to SHOP to stock your home with healthy things

9. For when you want to learn more about how The Earth Diet got started, read and research Liana’s blog

10. Learn about The Earth Diet Principles

“Welcome to your new healthy life! May this website bring you much happiness, health and transformation!” Liana

Learn how Liana transformed her health and now lives in the body of her dreams thanks to the Earth Diet!
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