The 9 Principles of the Earth Diet

1. The Earth Diet is not a restriction – it is a natural lifestyle. 

We are redefining that “diet” means the natural foods a person habitually eats. This lifestyle is about nourishing the body – not depriving.

2. Focus on what Earth provides naturally, and get back to nature.

The Earth naturally provides us with everything we need to nourish, heal and sustain our bodies. Earth even provides us with ingredients we get great pleasure from and can indulge in. Earth also provides us with natural ingredients we can use for skin care and around our home. Eat as many fresh natural whole foods as possible; foods that are in their natural state, like an apple plucked from a tree.

3. Eat more local, seasonal and organic.

Foods that are grown in your community organically and with the seasons can provide the body with high doses of nutrition in a single serving. And eating this way is more harmonious with nature as you are eating from your environment by using less resources to ship food across the world through distribution and supermarkets to get to your hands. Growing your own foods is the ultimate. The fresher the better!

4. The Earth Diet is for everyone.

The Earth naturally provides us with an abundance of food including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and even organic meats for the meat eaters. No one is left out – as everyone lives on earth. Everyone is treated equal. There are recipes for everyone, and everyone is encouraged to use your own wisdom and intuition when it comes to healing, eating and natural living. Whether you’re looking for raw vegan food, kosher diets, low calorie, fat or carb diets, smoothies, a juice cleanse of if you’re just looking for some good, clean meat like Paleo, The Earth Diet is for you! We provide you with an abundance of recipes to fulfill every single craving you have. We invite you to personalize the Earth Diet, how would you like to get your nutrition? You might choose to drink lemon water and a green drink daily, some raw desserts like chocolate balls or plant based cheesecake, a salad, some gluten free chicken nuggets. It is up to you – just stick to the rule – get nutrition at every meal and drink!

5. Nourish the body with nutrition everyday.

Live with the intention to get nutrition every single day – and you can ask at every meal and drink “How much nutrition am I getting from this?”. Science shows us that the foods that are most nutrient rich are ones that come directly from earth – for example say you grow a parsley plant in your apartment and pluck a hand full fresh. That parsley will have more in tact nutrients than parsley that was shipped across the globe through distribution and stores to get to your hands. You might also get nutrition from putting coconut oil on your skin as a moisturizer. Add loads of nutrient rich foods to your diet everyday including whole foods, raw foods, juices, smoothies, herbal teas, salads, fruits and vegetables. If plants make up 70% of your diet you will always be energized from nutrition.

6. Eat less or no processed foods

What is the point of eating foods with little to no nutritional value? This includes no artificial colorings, flavorings, junk foods, packaged foods, harsh chemicals, preservatives, additives, foreign ingredients that you cannot pronounce, refined sugar, refined flour, GMO’S, aspartame, MSG, corn syrup. Do not eat dairy (unless organic), soy (unless organic), and excess of gluten if you have health issues. If you don’t recognize it from nature do not eat it. Read food labels for everything! When in doubt – throw it out!

7. If you go off track – come back on again when you are ready! 

If you do end up eating junk food that you feel guilty about here is what to do – affirm before or after you eat it that you do intend to only nourish your body with the highest quality ingredients. Know that this will help the digestion and get rid of the toxins better than if you are festering in guilt. Let the guilt go – because guilt is not on this menu! Have a lemon water or fresh vegetable juice to help cleanse the junk out.

8. You can eat your absolute favorite foods

Remember you actually can have your cake and eat it too! Deprivation diets will only drive you crazy, leaving you feeling worse. Be kind to yourself. Health is the goal, and feeling good and at ease are indicators of health. When you feel like chocolate go for organic chocolate or make your own Earth Diet recipes. You can also have cheesecake, cup cakes ice cream, mousse, burgers, burritos, fries – these are all recipes in the Earth Diet book! Food that tastes amazing plus also providing our body with nutrition at the same time is key. And in case you haven’t notices, we LOVE our desserts. You can find almost anything to cure your craving in our dessert recipe section. Just follow the rule: make sure it is as natural as possible. Follow this upgrade > you crave ice cream > worst case scenario you get low quality non-organic dairy GMO ice cream full of sugar and preservatives > an UPGRADE would be you go for organic ice cream > next UPGRADE would be you make your own ice cream using the cleanest ingredients possible.

9. There is a more natural way to do everything. 

Tooth whitening? Use baking soda. Mascara? Charcoal. Skin Moisturizer? Coconut oil. Botox? Bentonite clay. If you cannot eat it do not put it on your skin. If you cannot eat it do not use it in your home! Choose chemical free earth friendly foods, products and services. Get a water filter. Live in a natural environment and have fun. Encourage and empower your friends and family to do the same. You can use this website as a resource! Live your most natural, wholesome, healthy, sustainable, organic, resourceful life possible. Do the best you can – even if it is having a lemon water every morning.

Top 5 things The Earth Diet website PROVIDES:

1. The Earth Diet provides free recipes that use earth’s natural ingredients.
2. The Earth Diet Book
3. The Earth Diet e-Programs for weight loss, juice cleansing, liquid cleanse and nourishment
4. One-on-one health coaching
5. The Earth Diet SHOP – a place to get products to assist you in living your healthiest life.

RESULTS you can experience when living The Earth Diet.

1. You will nourish your body.
2. You can drop excess weight and return to your healthy body weight.
3. You will feel good.
4. Your mood can be lifted and you can feel good about yourself.
5. Reduces chemical burden on body.
6. Any health condition is improved and even reversed.
7. The Earth Diet is health for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
8. The Earth Diet provides an opportunity to increase metabolism.
9. The Earth Diet cleanses and detoxifies.
10. You can break addictions.

The Earth Diet Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide healthy recipes, education, products and services for every type of person who lives on earth. We aim to upgrade the health of every person who wants to live their healthiest lifestyle possible. The philosophy of the Earth Diet is “Get Nutrition Everyday” by living in nature with style.

Started when…

The Earth Diet concept was created by Liana Werner-Gray in 2009 who created a challenge of her self to eat only foods naturally provided by the earth for 365 days and kept track of her journey in The Earth Diet daily blog. The Earth Diet, Inc was founded by Liana in NYC in 2011.

Learn how Liana transformed her health and now lives in the body of her dreams thanks to the Earth Diet!
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