Become an Earth Diet Health Coach!

Become an Earth Diet Health Coach!

We are currently doing an intake for new Health Coaches to prepare for the new book launch.

What we look for in health coaches:

  • Well rounded knowledge of health & wellness
  • Living a consistently healthy life
  • Desire to share sustainable natural health with others
  • Passionate about coaching and helping others
  • Health coaching and/or nutrition credentials

How it works:

After you complete the application, Earth Diet founder Liana Werner-Gray will set up a skype/phone call with you, to get to know you more, and you can ask any questions. If you are qualified now to be a Health Coach we will begin to set you up with your own profile page on The Earth Diet website. If you are not qualified Liana will suggest further study at Integrative Nutrition.Wondering why you have to pay the processing fee? We cover our expenses that include paying for legal fees to create a contract for you that you are an Independent Contractor so you will take care of all of your taxes. We also pay a web developer to set you up with a great profile page on our website, we then integrate you into our marketing campaign where we start promoting you to our readers as “the New Health Coach”. Once we do your launch, our readers can then begin to hire you. We also invite you to publish your recipes on The Earth Diet website which is more exposure for you and just another perk of being an Earth Diet Health Coach! We want to show the world why we have some of the best Health Coaches on the planet and why!

When a person hires you, they complete the health questionnaire which gets sent to you. They also process their payment through the Earth Diet. The Earth Diet then sends you 70% of the payment, and we keep 30% as our agent fee. We cover our web costs, marketing costs and send regular emails to our subscribers to ensure we are consistently promoting you using our platform.
You get to decide how many clients per month you can take on, knowing that you will spend approximately 5 hours with each client per month. You also get to decide how much money you want to make per hour, and we set up the fee based on that.
We send your payments through direct bank account or via pay pal. You get paid every other Monday.

Interested, but need more qualifications? 
Study Nutrition With IIN To Become A Health Coach and we waive your application fee to become an Earth Diet Health Coach!
 You also get a $1000 discount on your 
tuition when you sign up.
 Learn more.

Learn how Liana transformed her health and now lives in the body of her dreams thanks to the Earth Diet!
Liana will email you
Liana Werner-Gray