Book Gift

Here is everything I could not fit in the book! Here are 7 gifts to thank you for getting the new book!

Gift 1: The ultimate gift!

A complimentary 20 minute session with an Earth Diet Health Coach!

Gift 2: Do and Don’t List

Gift 3: My Mum’s Healing Protocol.

It is important that you make your own healing strategy that feels right for you. This is what my mum did and is cancer free to this day.

  • Mum started juicing vegetable juice twice per day including Green Juice and Beet Juice
  • She drank orange juice in the afternoon
  • She took Vitamin C supplements everyday
  • She took magnesium supplements everyday
  • Mum quit smoking and drinking alcohol. She did not want to do things that weakened her immune system.
  • She did things she loved a lot! She got a puppy who loves her so much his name is Spike. Mum knitted because she loves that activity. She exercised by walking everyday. She also tended to her garden and chickens!
  • Mum drank diatomaceous earth everyday and said she could really feel it cleansing toxins.
  • She did not eat processed foods and ate as many whole raw foods as possible and stuck to the Earth Diet! She did eat Earth Diet desserts like raw chocolate and cheesecake!

GIFT 4: Coupon book

Download the coupon book (PDF)

GIFT 5: TED Shopping List

Download the TED Shopping List (PDF)

GIFT 6: Full list of conditions that have been helped with the Earth Diet

GIFT 7: Transformation stories

When you know what is possible, it gives hope and uplifts your energy! This boosts the immune system and makes transformation possible! Visit the TESTIMONIALS to see what is possible.

Learn how Liana transformed her health and now lives in the body of her dreams thanks to the Earth Diet!
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