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Paid Positions

Sales Representatives

The new Earth Diet book comes out October 2014. We are looking for an entire Sales Representative Team from around the world to represent The Earth Diet Book in each region.

Health Mentors

We are looking for health mentors to coach clients to a healthy lifestyle using The Earth Diet recipes.

Collect Contributions

The Earth Diet is on a mission to give 1 million books. This job would involve collecting contributions/donations from people and companies.


These are typically not paid positions, and are good for the person wanting to gain experience and credibility.

News Writer / Journalist

Someone passionate about writing.

Someone to submit recipes online

We want to put The Earth Diet recipes on All Recipes and require a person to submit them.

PR – public relations

Someone to represent Liana and The Earth Diet in the media.

e-Book designer

Looking for someone to create the next 365-day Recipe e-book for 2015. Position would start now and be casual throughout this year.


Become an Earth Diet Ambassador which is a volunteer position that helps The Earth Diet by sharing content online and in your community! You become an ambassador because you love the mission and want to help as many people as possible to be healthy! Ambassadors make a huge difference and we could not do it without you! These positions can assist you in gaining experience and credit for a particular field. You can say you are an Earth Diet Ambassador on your resume. We have Ambassador weekly calls every Thursday 8pm EST hosted by Liana starting October 16th 2014. The calls are to bring all ambassadors together and how we can be a really effective team, how we can be healthier and bring great energy to the world.

  1. Call your local book store and health store, let them know how much you love the book and if they will be carrying it at their location!
    We will put their store under the ‘Resources’ section of the website as a place where people can access the book and other healthy services and products. If they order a good amount Liana may even come and visit to sign the books, give a lecture and or a raw food/cooking class!
  2. Email your favorite magazine, newspaper and/or television station
    and request that they do an interview with Liana or something related to The Earth Diet – perhaps they would like to feature your favorite Earth Diet recipe and talk about it!
  3. Share The Earth Diet on Social Media!
    Share our daily recipes and health tips to twitter, instagram, tumblr, pintrest and facebook! Be interactive and write to others on comments. Use hashtags #HealthyOnes #EarthLovers #TheEarthDiet #EarthDiet #HayHouse Help get the word out there!
  4. Buy The Earth Diet book
    and give it to your friends and family! Get donations from other people to buy books and give them out! Join our crowd rise campaign where we are donating books to people all over the world.
  5. Share your story! Have your transformed your health with The Earth Diet? If so share it with the world and help inspire others!
  6. Have a food party! Invite your friends and family and make recipes from the new book. Nourish your bodies together!
Learn how Liana transformed her health and now lives in the body of her dreams thanks to the Earth Diet!
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