Block of Chocolate (RAW)

Makes enough for a good feed


¾ cup of cacao butter (96g)
2 tablespoons of honey
2 tablespoons of cacao powder
¾ cup almond meal (or hemp seeds blended to powder meal form)
1. Melt the cacao butter either in the sun or very low on the stove.
2. Add the melted cacao butter, cacao powder & honey to a bowl & stir well so it all blends in together.
3. Add the almond meal and stir well. It should be smooth.
4. Set it in chocolate molds or a baking dish and let it set in the freezer or fridge until hard!

+ ADD 3 tablespoons of almond butter for a creamier chocolate
+ ADD whole nuts to make “Nut Chocolate Block”
+ ADD raisins, blueberries, sultanas to make “Fruit Chocolate”
+ ADD fruit and nuts to make “Fruit Nut Chocolate”

*The finer the almond meal the smoother the chocolate will be

Benefits:·         High in magnesium

·         Muscle relaxing

·         Aphrodisiac

·         Aids in weight loss!

·         High in protein

·         Rich with anti-oxidants!

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