Eggs in a hole

Total time: 15 minutes

Serves: 2


2 organic eggs
2 pieces of organic bread (wholewheat, whole grains – not refined or bleached grains)
3 tablespoons coconut oil for cooking
Salt and pepper to taste
Avocado goes great with this meal – optional serve on the side or on top of the egg toast


1. Toast two pieces of bread, but just a little, not so it is golden brown. Then cut out two holes in each piece of toast, use a small glass.
2. Heat oil on medium heat in a large fry pan, enough to fit two pieces of toast. Place the toast in the fry pan and crack one egg each into the holes in the toast.
3. When the egg is cooked to your liking remove from heat and serve. If you don’t want runny yolk then poke a fork in the yolk, and flip the toast when it is in the fry pan to continue cooking.
4. Season with salt, pepper or even cayenne pepper for spiciness! It goes great with avocado too!

Notes: This is very similar to French Toast.

+ High in Protein
+ High in vitamin choline
+ Food for eye health

* Every single recipe on this website uses nature’s ingredients, only. Always choose organic, local and seasonal whenever possible.

This recipe was created by Liana Werner-Gray.

Photo thanks to Rock’n Raw Photos.

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