Simple Spaghetti – Gluten Free, Wheat Free & Vegan

Total time: 25 minutes

Serves: 2-4


6 oz of brown rice spaghetti pasta (1/2 a packet)
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1/2 a cup of TED Ketchup 


1. Cook the brown rice pasta until soft (15-20 minutes), according to the packet directions.
2. Drain the water from the pasta, and stir in the ketchup. Add more if you like more sauce.
3. Serve to bowls and then sprinkle the nutritional yeast on each one!
4. Season with salt and extra nutritional yeast if desired!

You can use pasta sauce as an alternative to the ketchup. Or make your own sauce by blending fresh tomatoes with herbs like oregano, thyme and sage!

Brown rice pasta can be found at most regular supermarkets these days, and is such a great alternative for pasta lovers! It tastes the same as ‘normal’ pasta, yet does not contain wheat or gluten! The only ingredient is: brown rice. Brilliant.
Nutritional yeast is an alternative to cheese! It tastes like cheese, yet is not dairy! Nutritional yeast is deactivated yeast, grown on molasses (a by-product of the refining of sugarcane, grapes or beets) and then harvested, washed and dried with heat. It is a member of the fungi family like mushroom and is high in protein and B Vitamins. In Australia you might find it called ‘Savoury Yeast Flakes’ and in New Zealand ‘Brufax’.

+ Gluten free
+ Dairy free
+ Rich in Vitamin C
+ Wheat free
+ High in Protein

* Every single recipe on this website uses nature’s ingredients, only. Always choose organic,
local and seasonal whenever possible.

This recipe was created by Liana Werner-Gray.

Photo thanks to Rock’n Raw Photos.

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