Spicy Radish Juice

Makes ONE juice


½ bunch radishes
1 daikon
1 small piece of horseradish root (very spicy and potent!)
1 cucumber
¼ bunch watercress
¼ bunch parsley
1 handful of spinach
1 apple (more if you want it sweeter)
1 lemon


1. Add all ingredients to juicer and juice!

+ Anti-inflammatory
+ Great for relieving sinus discomfort
+ Excellent source of many essential vitamins and minerals
+ Antibiotic & antibacterial
+ Pain relief
+ Digestive aid
+ Diuretic
+ Respiratory health
+ Healthy skin
+ Bone health
+ Weight loss
+ High in antioxidants!

This juice was bravely concocted with LOVE by Mr. F on/in LAWN-GUY-LAND, NEW YAWK FEBRUARY 2013!

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