Sweet Sesame Salmon


Serves 4

4 Salmon fillets
6 tablespoons of Raw Organic Honey
4 tablespoons of Sesame seeds
1 cup baby tomatoes
1 head of asparagus
1 chopped cucumber
Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking
1 lemon


1. Heat oil in a pan on low/med heat and add the salmon.
2. Mix honey (add more if you like super sweet) with a tablespoon of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon in a bowl. Add this mixture to the salmon and cook to your liking.
3. Steam asparagus. Serve baby spinach, tomatoes, chopped cucumber on a plate and add asparagus.
4. Serve the salmon on top of the salad and add raw sesame seeds (or toast them for a couple of minutes in the fry pan)

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