Zucchini Spaghetti and Walnut Meat Balls

Serves 4 hungry people

3 large zucchinis
Walnut Meat Layer from Lasagna recipe
Tomato Sauce from Lasagna Recipe
Cashew Cheese from Cashew Cheese Recipe
4 teaspoons of dried oregano
1 tomato diced


1.      Use a pasta maker or vegetable peeler to make pasta from the zucchinis
2.      Roll the Walnut Meat into balls
3.      Put the Walnut Meat balls on the zucchini pasta along with the tomato sauce
4.      Put the cashew cheese on top
5.      Sprinkle each dish with chopped tomato and 1 teaspoon each of oregano


– This dish is extremely nutrient dense, loaded with minerals and vitamins from the herbs and spices
– Rich source of energy
– Omega 3 essential fatty acids
– Good for weight loss
– Lowers cholesterol
– Dietary fiber which aids in digestion,
– Prevents constipation
– Maintains low blood sugar and curbs overeating
– Anti Inflammatory
– High in vitamin A and C
– Powerful anti-oxidant
– Relieves stress
– Good for the skin
– High in vitamin C
– Good for the brain
– Good essential fats
– High in vitamin E

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