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Once you become certified through Integrative Nutrition, we can HIRE YOU as an Earth Diet Health Coach!

Why you should consider studying nutrition from home…


Have you ever wondered “Which nutrition course would you recommend I study?”
Here is why we recommend you Study at Integrative Nutrition:

Integrative Nutrition graduates make great Earth Diet Health Coaches!
We want to HIRE YOU as a Health Coach as soon as you are certified so you can start getting paid as a coach right away! We trust that Integrative Nutrition teaches you everything you need to know to be an excellent Health Coach.

The Earth Diet teamed up with Integrative Nutrition for a key reason. Our philosophy of finding a unique approach to health for all types of eaters is aligned with the core principle behind Integrative Nutrition: Bio-individuality.

Bio-individuality says that no two bodies are alike and one person’s medicine could be another person’s poison.

The Earth Diet is also not a one-size-fits-all diet. The word ‘diet’ itself has Greek origins, meaning ‘way of life’. The Earth Diet literally means ‘the way of life for the earth’, so that includes EVERYONE. This approach gives us the freedom to explore many dietary theories and approaches in order to find what works for each client. Having this bio-individuality background is key to understanding & representing The Earth Diet philosophy! When you work with a client as an Earth Diet Health Coach you will get to know them and find out who they are, where they live, what their favorite foods are, what they want to enjoy in their diet, and what their health challenges are. http://theearthdiet.com/study-nutrition/ http://theearthdiet.com/study-nutrition/You will then create a totally personalized healthy lifestyle guide for them that includes recipes to their favorite foods, nutrient rich healing recipes, as well as recipes for the skin and also for their home! It really is about customizing the approach for each individual person.

Learn from the best teachers in the industry!

Integrative Nutrition welcomes all nationalities, cultures, religions, and academic backgrounds.
They recognize that just as different people thrive with different ways of eating, students
flourish with a diverse educational approach and they accommodate everyone.

Do you want to become an Earth Diet Health Coach?

We require a certain level of skill and experience for someone to jump in as a Health Coach
for The Earth Diet. A certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition goes a
long way when it comes to the folks we hire as coaches.
Current Earth Diet Mentors who enrolled at Integrative Nutrition!

Jessie Jean

Salvatore Fiteni

Emily Rose Shaw

The opportunities go beyond health coaching

The World Needs Health Coaches!

Meet the founder

What You Get From Integrative Nutrition When You Enroll…

The program is valued at over $50,000!
Cost: $5,995.00 *** But you get $1,000 discount when you enroll through The Earth Diet!
Total with Earth Diet Discount: $4,995.00
*** PLUS we waive your application fee of $399 to become an Earth Diet Health Coach! So you save a total of $1399!

What you get when you enroll through The Earth Diet:

  1. $1,000 off tuition!Value: Over $50,000. Cost of tuition when you enroll through The Earth Diet: $4,995.00!
  2. All your student materials shipped to your door!Including Integrative Nutrition book!
  3. Live conferencesBe connected to a great vibrant community for free!
  4. Certifications and AffiliatesYou get to be a certified Health Coach and train with some of the best health experts in the world!
  5. You can get hired as a Health Coach and get paid!When you become certified we can HIRE YOU as an Earth Diet Health Coach PLUS you
    don’t have to pay the application fee of $399!
  6. Your own hosted website by IINSo you can get your face and name out there even more!
  7. Free gifts from us!Including a 1 Year Earth Diet Membership (over $500 value), so you can be instantly connected with our clients and start to build relationships with your potential clients!
  8. 1 hour call with Earth Diet founder, Liana Werner-Gray.Discuss your goals for health coaching, tips on how to be a great health coach and creating a successful health business.

“Hi Health Coach to be! I am so excited about the possibility of you becoming an Earth Diet Health Coach! As the Earth Diet expands, so does our readers and people interested in hiring their very own health coach which is why we need more people like YOU! To date us health coaches have helped thousands of people from around the world to improve their health and even to transform! It is really fulfilling work. If you are feeling called to be a health coach and feel like it is your gift to help people, then get certified with Integrative Nutrition! of course I would only recommend the best nutrition school as I only want to have the best health coaches on the earth Diet team! Once you are certified, we waive your application fee to becoming an Earth Diet Health Coach and we then set you up with a profile page so people can start hiring you right away! I am really excited to work with you, and together we can make a huge difference in the world!”

Love Liana

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