“Be your healthier self, and live your healthiest life!” Liana

Here are testimonials of people living the Earth Diet lifestyle. May you be touched, moved and inspired to what is possible with health! On the right are the categories in which the testimonials are, listed.

Sara W  “I’ve lost almost 10 pounds in 12 days following The Earth Diet!”

RICHARD T. “Whoohoo, Week 1,  7days, LOST 5kgs (11lbs) !! Lots of changes also.Fantastic so excited for week 2.. Thank you so very much. It was easy. Off to have my week2 Lemon drink….Seeya next week..”

Barbara L “I lost 15lbs and then nothing for about 6 weeks, suddenly lost another 5lbs. I am happy with my green tea with lemon and smoothies and juices. Feel so good.”

Carrie N. “Thank you Liana for all of your posts, I enjoy and read everyone! You keep me on track! I have lost 17 pounds since May following your plan and have veered off every now and again but I always go back!”

Amanda M “I love reading TED info THANK YOU! Ps: I’ve lost around 7kg so far.”

Bonnie L “my 5th day on the 7 day diet…lost 9 lbs”

Ruth P. “I wanted to let you know that I started the 90 day diet plan last week and have already lost 12 lbs.”

Barbara L “I have been following the earth diet for 8 months now. I have lost 20lb, that is a slow loss, but I am happy. I just wanted to say that since I have been eating the earth diet way, my nails are beautiful and not breaking or cracking any more. Never had nice fingernails in my life, and believe me, I am old. I am gluton and dairy free. Into smoothies and teas with lemon. I am so happy.”

W Krutrök “I remember I was so focused on what I wanted to loose I forgot about what I have lost already, until my husband pointed at a 10 liter bucket. Look he said you’ve lost 2.5 of those buckets already! That made me realize what an amount I achieved to loose already and how proud I should be about it.”

Rafael A “First 7 days of “juicing” I have lost 13 pounds and feel great !!! First three days were kind of rough and tough though !”

Ruthann A “Today is day 3 for me juicing on ted and it is amazing i am down 4.2 pounds and i really feel good. feel better than i have in awhile. thanks for posting the recipes.”

Magdelyn W “Hi Liana!!! – I completed your 21 day weight loss program and lost 11 lbs!!!!
Thank you for putting such great program together!
I am now hooked on the beet juice, the chocolate smoothie and the raw chocolate balls. They are amazing!!!! I do feel awesome and have embraced this new lifestyle!
Simply put, I love it!!!!”

Linda D. W “I love juicing!! I juiced for 2 weeks and lost 6 lbs.”

“You were the one who changed my husband and I and we are nearing 60! People comment on how great we look. .. but the best part is we feel so young after dropping some unnecessary weight we had been carrying around for years. We connected with our food on a different level than ever before and we are farmers! Thanks for being there for us! I tell everyone to check The Earth Diet out. Food is a big part of well-being and I am also a energy worker.”

Love and hugs,
Teresa and David F
Alexandria, TN

Linda F “I have actually been following the Earth diet for approximately 1-2 years now (including macrobiotic diet). I have to say my skin has NEVER looked better and I receive compliments on it all of the time. It is due to the wonderful tips and programs I followed with your help and assistance! So thanks so very much!!”

Claire King “I love all your recipes and that I can help keep my family healthy. Thanks!”

Carrie N “The cauliflower and thyme soup really works for a cold day!”

Amy “Your cookie dough balls are perfect for women on their period. Chocolate is so good for cramps because of the magnesium!! That’s why women crave chocolate on their period- magnesium deficiency. But seriously thank god for these things!!”

“Would love to win a vitamix,,, love to make raw brownies and I don’t tell people they are raw till after they eat them. It’s so much fun, Also I love that your recipes are free.
Rainny, from Montana”

Krista F “Recently tried some desserts from the earth diet! Love them without the guilt! Healthy raw desserts are the best. My mom made me the cacao mint raw pie for my birthday… Very good! Rich and filling only need a small piece.”

Belinda G “I just made your chocolate mousse. WOW! It took two minutes and tastes better than any chocolate mousse I have ever had! And of course it is amazing for you. Thank you!! x”

TED ” You rock!”

Belinda G “And I just made your chicken nuggets for dinner. No…..YOU rock! You have an amazing website and I am loving trying your recipes.”

Nicole L “I just tried the raw avacado chocolate pudding. I have to admit i wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I am simply AMAZED at how delicious this is! I truly felt like i was eating a store bought pudding!”

“Tried you apple pie recipe for Thanksgiving and it was fabulous. Will never make another apple pie the old way!”

Terisa C “Not everyone can switch straight to a vegan diet. For instance, I am diabetic and controlled by diet alone. I find I can eat Vegan during the daytime but I need more protein at night right now to prevent low blood sugar when Im sleeping. I love the The Earth Diet because it can be vegan easily but it does offer recipes with meat too. The TED diet let’s me make slow changes to my diet so I can monitor the results. I see it as helping people like me transition to a more healthy diet no matter what stage of health or lifestyle they are currently at.”

Angela Fox “This is my favourite recipe (avocado mousse),even my 18yo son eats this. The Earth Diet has changed my world an I am thanking the universe all the time for the gift you have given us all.this is no diet for me it is pure indulgence without impurities.Even with several allergies have been able to modify to suit,words are simply not enough for how you people have turned my world around,eternally grateful lifetime fan love and light to all.”

Johanna B “I just got the book and now I am looking at this page great help and wonderful information and all the answers i needed ,I am so exited to start with all you .I have the clay and I will start tomorrow cannot wait.”

Nicola Claudia T “THANK YOU EARTH DIET FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!!!! You’re simply THE BEST!!! <3 "

The Earth Diet “Wow, thank YOU Nicola! :) We like to think that you did the changing, we were just here to help! You are the best for saying that!”

Nicola Claudia T “Oh I was the main reason, but without resources like The Earth Diet, I couldn’t have done it.You have soo many easy posts on things thay tell you the benefits of what you’re putting in your body, but also important things like Monsanto and what they are doing and how to recognize their products!!! XOXOXO”

Marie Wellens “Best thing of all is there are many people reaping the benefits of Liana’s knowledge, experience and willingness to share with others. A lot of us are so much healthier because of her.”

Ciara G “You are so inspiring. I truly believe you are here to heal people – You are a healing angel !”

“Liana, I am so frickin’ proud of you – and for your vulnerability in this email – what a wonderful, absolutely incredible inspiration you are! Motivation is temporary – Inspiration stays with you. Your story will stay with me. Hugs, Susan”

Lorraine B “Liana I have to say I’m glad you got your wake up call because you (and TED) have been a pivotal part of my ‘wake up’ moment and becoming healthy.”

“Got your ebook, Great to see a young Aussie girl making a difference..
Have a sensational 2013.. Seek joy,” Richard.

Lenny D “Hello Liana, I truly think you are a very talented and charming actress…you have a wonderful look!!
The Earth Diet is awesome!!”

David B “Lovely photo Liana… you are glowing with health and radiance, and a wonderful advertisement for what you’re doing….”

Alison G “I really loved the talk that you and Dr. Tom gave at NAVEL EXPO in New York. It was such an inspiration and great reminder of what we are meant to be.”

“Dear Liana,
I’ve been following your fanpage for some time. I am not on a strict earth diet but I am strongly inpired by your recipes and lifestyle. I drink apple cider vinegar with water daily and my diet is based on vegetable, fruit and grain. I try to choose those that are grown locally in Poland. For this reason I chose vinegar over lemon juice.
Anyway, after some two months of not so strict diet I can see results – I have more energy and a positive attitude. I do not feel so fiercly hungry in the afternoon as I used to. I’ve dramatically reduced intake of refined sugar and flour, dairy was never my favourite and I do not eat any kind of meat.
For the past 10 days I’ve been juicing daily (beet and apple plus any veggies I had in my fridge) and eating mainly vegetables, I feel lighter, my stomach is flat and I’ve lost 2 kgs :) I was surprised to discover that fresh juice actually makes me feel full and can replace a whole meal.
Thank you so much for sharing your energy and great recipes.
Best regards from Poland,

Tammy C “When I was juicing regularly each day all the inflammation I had in my joints was completely gone.”

Debra Toomey “Liana Werner-Gray is a smart wonderful loving giving young woman… She has helped me change and improve my life.”

Amanda M “Hi! I am attributing my ability to get through a 20h day on 3hrs of sleep, to healthy juicing and recipes from TED! Living it and LOVING it! ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!”

Susi P “Before the Earth Diet i could not live without sugar, at least I thought I couldn’t. Ever since I started juicing my sugar cravings went out the window in the first week. I was beyond surprised. Make earth diet desserts; they are delicious. When I do find myself craving It’s because there’s another issue (I.e fungus in my system and that thrives on sugar). “

Kathleen C “Is the best cacao ever. I’m hooked for life! Thanks Noah for making such a delicious product. I know it must be hard work! You make it perfect. A very satisfied customer :)”

“Chizelle (personalized program mentor) has been caring and helpful every step of the way, full of knowledge and always positive. Definitely easier than going it alone!” -Candie

“Hiya Chizelle, (personalized program mentor)
Thank you so much for everything, I am really loving this clean healthy eating, I am actually eating a very simple salad at the moment, it’s just baby cos, pawpaw and juice from the very first lime from my patio lime tree, its really refreshing and I think it will be a new favourite over summer
I was surprised how much I like the green juice from the program and also the fat blaster juice is super good… in fact I liked all the juices you put on my program!!! To be completely honest I have enjoyed every single recipe on the program and I look forward to using them again and again, the program has also helped me use my imagination with creating my own concoctions and recipes like the pawpaw and cos salad above. I know its only 3 ingredients but before the program I would never have thought of mixing those 3 things together, it’s just opened my mind more to how well fresh, alive, non-processed food can be combined to create practically a new taste experience everyday!
I am still getting comments on how my skin is glowing and how I appear to have lost weight, it’s such an ego boost haha!!
I jogged 5km on the treadmill the other day, I have never in my life been able to run that kind of distance before without walking in between, I truly believe it’s due to the Earth Diet program and the positive words and encouragement from you Chizelle you remind me of sunshine.
I can’t thank you enough for being the change I needed, I fully recommend the Earth Diet personalised program to anyone wanting to improve their overall health and also the impact on the environment as we all need to stop consuming over processed and over packaged poison. I have been telling all of my friends to check out the Earth Diet website and I have also been recommending they go for the personalised program with you Chizelle as it was worth every penny to me…I really can’t thank you enough and you really have helped me change my life for the better.
I hope that wasn’t too long for a testimonial?!? Feel free to just take bit and pieces out of it if it is
Love and blessings
P.S. i’m saving up to buy myself a kuvings juicer for Christmas as i’m loving the fresh juice everyday but I hate cleaning the juicer I have haha it takes soooo long to clean out that silly mesh thingy and it’s old and impracticable, it’s kinda my reward for doing so well on the program heehee!!”

Jen C “The book is fantastic! I ordered the hard copy. Recipes are very good and its motivating to read!!!!!”

Tove J. “I also purchased the book, which changed the lives of me and my family :) We followed the recipes, made ourselves delicious food and chocolates, and become healthier and happier than ever. We’ve been eating this food for some months now, including the morning-drink: lemon water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup, but both me and my daughter are eating more and more fruit. It seems to be the main food for our bodies. Fruit and berries, water and some milk.The Earth Diet changed our lives, it does indeed matter what we eat and drink! Life is so much fun nowadays, it is easier, the energy is light. And I would never start eating what I did a year ago. So thanks a lot for all your information!”

Karrie E “Thank you! I love the TED BOOK btw! I tell everyone about it. I feel so good! Stomach issues- gone- fatigue- gone- I am allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, tuna, salmon, crab and lentils- all which were making me so sick. TED… Is changing me… Everyday! You rock!”

Meg M “Just bought your book! I’m loving it. I’m starting my challenge tomorrow after tonight’s shopping trip! Spreading the word. Thanks for making it so simple and not overwhelming! I’ve been on a journey to find that lifestyle that just clicked with me. Can’t wait!”

“The Earth Diet is an amazing book. I model the book. All my foods come
from the ground. My greens are from an organic garden which is the
natural way to go for the best nutrition. I enjoy many types of fruit
that stem from durian, jackfuit, dragonfruit,mangoes etc. I live a raw
vegan diet. All my foods come from mother nature. I am on vegan
bodybuilding sites.http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bio_ramona
and http://www.veganbodybuilding.org/ramona.htm Please view my
services which stem from tutoring, fitness(personal training for
athletes or non athletes, pilates, hula hooping-fitness/birthday
parties,meditation) and raw vegan chef.”

Lisa H “Did my first bentonite clay mask yesterday…and my skin looks amazing!”

Paula A “I drink this too (bentonite clay), and use 2 times a month as a face musk, love it.”

Sandra Coffee “yep, i tried it (bentonite clay) many times, and it’s great for detoxing and energizing your body! amazing!”

Maxine Haskell “A homeopathic doctor said that bentonite clay is good for the release of EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) stuck in the body as well.”

Cherelyn G “Bentonite clay is just simply amazing. Been using it for only 1 week, both externally and internally and have seen amazing results. Was very very skeptical. Not only has my complection improved but I’ve lost 3 lbs!!! Some visible imperfections on my arms and legs have also begun to diminish. These are things I’ve had for years. Love this stuff.”

Anonymous ” love my bentonite clay I have been religious on it for 9 months, and have been through a lot of detoxes on it, it is in my words the best product I have ever been on, I am also now a distributer and have at least another 40 people on it so far, and im only just starting, I believe the three most important things that you need to be on are, bentionite healing clay, a good probiotic I make my own with starter kit from body ecology and coconut water this is the cheapest way to have the whole family on it, it coast about $5 a week for all of us, and you know its the best, and coconut oil, I take 4 capsules a day and use as my full body lotion, its gotta be the best, I feel the best now than I have all my life, I also now eat raw and are dairy free, wheat free gluten free, and meat free, and I love avo and hemp seeds, and green supperfood smoothies, I never get board I just crave good food, and that all started when I started the healing clay, hope this has helped”

Sara W ” ”

Barbara L ” “

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